Contract Based Employment

Contract Based Employment: Understanding the Pros and Cons

As the job market evolves, the way people work has also changed. One trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is contract-based employment. Contract-based employment involves hiring workers for a specific period and task. This article discusses the pros and cons of contract-based employment, and why it could be a viable option for job seekers.


1. Flexibility

Contract-based employment offers flexibility because it allows workers to choose when and how much they want to work. It is suitable for those who prefer flexibility in their work hours and want to choose their work environment.

2. Higher pay

Contract-based employment often pays higher than traditional employment. Employers are willing to pay high rates for specialized skills and services since they do not need to offer long-term benefits to the employees.

3. Variety

Contract-based employment offers workers the opportunity to work in different projects and teams. The diversity of work can help develop new skills and boost the employee`s resume.

4. Tax benefits

Workers in contract employment can take advantage of tax-deductions that are not available to traditional employees. For example, the cost of business-related expenses such as computers, office space, and travel can be tax-deductible.


1. Lack of benefits

Contract-based employees do not receive the same benefits as traditional employees. They are not entitled to health insurance, retirement benefits, or other perks that come with full-time employment.

2. Uncertainty

The uncertainty of future employment is one of the significant drawbacks of contract-based employment. Most contracts are short-term, making it challenging to plan for the future.

3. No job security

Contract-based employment does not provide job security since employees are only hired for specific projects. Even if the project is successful, there is no guarantee for rehiring or extension of the contract.

4. Limited career growth

Contract-based employees may face limited career growth opportunities since they do not have the same visibility as traditional employees within the organization. They may miss out on promotions, mentoring, and other career development opportunities.


Contract-based employment has its advantages and disadvantages, and it would depend on the individual’s personal preference and circumstance. It is essential to evaluate the pros and cons before accepting any contract-based job offer. Although contract-based employment may offer higher pay, more flexibility and variety, it does not offer the same level of job security and benefits as traditional employment. Ultimately, it is up to the employee to determine what works best for them.


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