Life Brainymem: End of the project and video

ACCIONA Agua has developed along three years the LIFE-BRAINYMEM project (Advanced-control MBR for wastewater reclamation). During this time, ACCIONA Agua has developed a control strategy, the BRAINYMEM® control, which varies the biological air flow based on a novel online sensor that measures nitrogen species in activated sludge (ammonium and nitrous oxide), as well as the membrane air flowrate to adjust it to the real-time needs of the plant.

With BRAINYMEM technology, along these three years of work, the control has been optimized and achieved a final 22% saving in aeration energy consumption in an MBR demonstration plant compared to the plant operating without control (38% reduction associated to the membrane aeration and 19% reduction associated to the biological aeration).

This Project has been co-financed by the European Commision as part of the LIFE+ programme, which is the financial instrument of the European Union exclusively dedicated to environmental protection.

In this video you can see in two minutes the summary of results:


Posted on July 6, 2017 in news

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