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Full-house at the LIFE-BRAINYMEM Workshop at SIGA

On the 3th of march, the Workshop of the LIFE-BRAINYMEM project took place at the stand of ACCIONA Agua at the SIGA Fair (Innovative Solutions for Water Management) in IFEMA (Madrid). The stand was full of interested people who came attracted by the interesting presentations. First, Ana María Álvarez showed the results of the control systems…

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Workshop LIFE-BRAINYMEM project at SIGA

The LIFE-BRAINYMEM project will finish the 30th of june 2017 and most of its objectives have been acomplished. In order to show the results fo the project, we have organised a Workshop together with the LIFE-CELSIUS project ( at the SIGA (Fair for Innovative Solutions in Water Management) in Madrid the 3th of March 2017.…

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The results of the project will be applied in a real full-scale plant

The BRAINYMEM control system will be installed in the coming months in the MBR plant of Kobaron (Vizcaya), que is under construction. ACCIONA Agua will implement the control system based on the results of the LIFE-BRAINYMEM project, with the objective of obtaining an MBR with optimized energy consumption and the lowest environmental impact.

Participation in the Spanish National Congress of Environment (CONAMA) 2016

The 28th of November started CONAMA, the National Congress on Environment ( This gathered the most relevant stakeholders in the environment and sustainability sector. Conama 2016 is concieved as a platform oriented to improve the know-how and capacities in the defense of nature and biodiversity, the sustainable use of resources and the prevention of contamination and…

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Presentation at the XII Jornadas Técnicas ESAMUR

This year, the Jornadas Técnicas ESAMUR focused on the removal of emerging compounds in wastewater. The results of BRAINYMEM project related to the addition of flux-enhancers to activated sludge and their effect on trace organic compounds removal were presented here, together with other projects of ACCIONA Agua about this topic. The presentation can be downloaded…

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Networking at the OFREA final Workshop

During the Final OFREA Workshop, a poster of the BRAINYMEM project was presented and the event served for networking with diverse end-users of MBR that were interested in the BRAINYMEM advanced control. Besides, other LIFE projects where membranes are also used were contacted (LIFE Celsius y LIFE Releach), which was very enriching. The poster presented can be…

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The reference control is now active!

The demonstration plant is now operating with a reference control system for the biological aeration.The selected reference control is based on the variation of the air supplied by the blower to obtain the desired setpoint of oxygen in the biological tank. The energy consumption associated to this simple control will be used as a reference…

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Meeting with Prof. Anja Drews from the external Advisory Board

We had a conference call with Prof. Anja Drews on the 26th of July, expert in membrane bioreactors and specially in flux-enhancer addition. We presented her the results of the plant with the control in emergencies and the jar tests experiments with flux-enhancers.

Analytical campaign micropollutant removal

After the design and control philosophy of the demonstration pilot plant were finished, the analytical campaign of emerging micropollutants without additive dosage started. Once the reference phase has concluded, the evaluation phase of emerging micropollutants removal will begin with the dosage system. The micropollutants selected to be followed up within this project are those which…

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The BRAINYMEM membrane aeration control achieves 20% energy reduction

The membrane aeration control system developed and implemented during the project is showing promising results in its application in the demonstration plant. The control is operating since June 2015 and the reduction of the membrane scouring energy is 20% compared to the operation without control. However, more data are being gathered in order to confirm…

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